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Discover the Perfect Venue at Speers Point Amateur Sailing Club's Clubhouse! 


🌟 Spectacular Lakefront Location: Nestled on the serene northern end of Lake Macquarie, our clubhouse offers breathtaking lakefront views that set the stage for unforgettable events.

🚗 Ample Free Parking: Enjoy the convenience of plenty of free parking, making it easy for your guests to arrive and depart hassle-free.

🍽️ Modern Facilities: Our well-maintained clubhouse provides a fully equipped kitchen complete with crockery, cutlery, glasses, a large commercial refrigerator, freezer, stove, oven, as well as male and female restrooms with showers and changing rooms. 

🎉 Versatile Event Spaces: With 110 square meters of open space featuring high ceilings, exposed rafters, and polished wood floors, our venue offers two distinct zones perfect for various functions. Lounge areas, a large whiteboard, flat screen, trestle tables, and chairs are available for your convenience.

🪭 Fresh air: Embrace the lake breezes with the clubhouse’s excellent cross ventilation and ceiling fans helping to keep everyone comfortable.

🌅 Scenic Balcony: Our large balcony overlooks the tranquil lake, providing a stunning backdrop for your gatherings and adding an extra touch of elegance to your occasion.

🎵 Endless Possibilities: Whether you're planning workshops, trainings, social gatherings, cooking classes, music events, or dance parties, our multipurpose space can accommodate your every need.

💲 Unbeatable Value: Experience all these incredible features and more at an exceptional price. Our daily hall hire fee is just $400, and you can opt for a half-day hire at $250 for up to 4 hours.

💼 Hassle-Free Booking: A $200 refundable deposit secures your reservation, and becoming a social member of our club for insurance purposes is a one-off cost of $20.


Book your event at Speers Point Amateur Sailing Club's Clubhouse today and create cherished memories in a picturesque location adorned with authentic vintage charm.

The open floorspace in the hall is approximately 20m long x 8m wide while the kitchen area is around 3m x 8m across the width of the hall. Food preparation and warming facilities exist and outside catering has been used by prior hirers. Trestle tables and chairs are available within the club.

Hire of the upstairs clubhouse area of the Speers Point Amateur Sailing Club is available on a daily or half-day basis to approved persons and organisations on agreed date(s), subject to the specified conditions - see below

Look here for further details and to make a booking for our hall;

Terms and Conditions of Hall Hire for the Upstairs Area of Speers Point Amateur Sailing Club:


1. The hired premises are to be used only for the purposes specified in the booking request.

2. This agreement covers the upstairs area of the SPASC Clubhouse, excluding the office.

3. Adequate supervision of the function is required, especially concerning the entry, exit. Access to the boat storage area downstairs is not permitted. 

4. Entry to the SPASC Clubhouse is to be through the metal stairs on the western side, not the front entry.

5. The applicant(s) must hold SPASC membership ($20 Social Membership accepted) and possess appropriate Liability Insurance.

6. A daily fee of $400 r half day fee of $250, plus a refundable security deposit of $200, must be paid to SPASC prior to the commencement of the hall hire unless agreed otherwise. 

7. The Applicant(s) agree to accept full responsibility for the safety of those present during clubhouse use and indemnifies SPASC against all claims of death or injury or damage to any property which may occur or be sustained on, or near the premises during the use, and against all actions, demands and costs, which may be incurred in respect thereof. 

8. Any damage to the premises or its contents is the responsibility of the applicant(s) and must be reimbursed to SPASC.

9. Upon conclusion of clubhouse use, the premises must be left in the same condition as at the start. A SPASC representative may assess this.

10. Keys to the premises must be returned to a SPASC representative after use.

11. Activities causing excessive noise or nuisance, as defined by the continuing Crown Lands Licence to SPASC, are prohibited.

12. The named applicant(s) on this form are the only parties authorised to use the premises; it cannot be transferred.

13. SPASC can utilise the security deposit or reimbursement from the applicant(s) for damage due to breaches. A security deposit will be refunded if no breaches occur.

14. SPASC is not responsible for any loss or damage related to this agreement, including negligence-related loss or damage.

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