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SailGP announce SPASC as an Inspire Adopt-a-Club winner

Speers Point Amateur Sailing Club has been announced as a paired club under SailGP's Inspire Adopt-A-Club program. The aim is to encourage young sailors into the sport and inspire participation at all levels. The program includes opportunity to youth sailors to meet SailGP teams and view their boats and technology.

SPASC has been paired with the German team! Wunderbar! A group of our members will be taking a tour of the SailGP HQ on Glebe Island and viewing the boats and teams at close range.

Our SPASC clubhouse will also host an open viewing of racing for Sail GP streamed from the event from 4-5.30pm on Saturday 24th Feb and Sunday 25th Feb. Our community is welcome to come along an join us! It is a Germanic themed event!!!

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