SPASC’s Safety Management Plan objectives are to:

  • Ensure the health and safety of SPASC members, participants in sailing regattas, junior sail training programs, support boat drivers and crew, volunteers and the general public who may be at SPASC’s clubhouse and/or on Lake Macquarie participating in SPASC sailing regattas and races, as far as reasonably practicable,

  • Comply with any Acts, Regulations, local laws and by-laws, Codes of Practice, Australian Standards and RMS NSW policy and procedures that are in any way applicable,

  • Ensure SPASC’s Safety Management Plan is developed and implemented in accordance with any other Acts, regulations, local laws and by-laws, Codes of Practice, Australian Standards, NSW COVID-19 Regulations and RMS’s policy, practice and procedures,

  • Maintain trust, good faith and cooperation between SPASC and Maritime NSW.

SPASC’s objectives will be met through good leadership, commitment and continual training.